RDN WaterSmart Garden Rebate

In 2017, the RDN is piloting a WaterSmart Garden Rebate Program across the region. If you are interested, please submit the Step 1: Pre-Approval form (see link below) at your earliest convenience. Please note that this is a pilot program for 2017, space is limited. Once your application is submitted, it will be reviewed and applicants will be notified if they have been selected to participate in the program.

Up to $750 is available for the following upgrades:

  • Up to $550 for Irrigation Efficiency Improvements, including:
    • the installation of a smart control automatic irrigation controller, a rain sensor, a soil moisture sensor, and/or a weather-based evapotranspiration sensor
    • the conversion of conventional spray/rotor irrigation zones to drip irrigation
    • replacement of conventional spray/rotor emitters with matched precipitation rotators
  • Up to $100 for Soil & Mulch Amendments, including:
    • enriching on-site soils through the application of quality compost and soil products
    • top-dressing lawn areas to improve drought tolerance
    • adding bark or other organic mulch to protect amended soils
  • A BONUS rebate of up to $100 on eligible expenses is available to those who are pre-approved for both an Irrigation Efficiency Improvements Rebate, and a Soil & Mulch Amendment Rebate.


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